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Union of Communist Republics
Flag of Union of Communist Republics Coat of Arms of Union of Communist Republics
Flag of UCR Coat of Arms
Nations of the World, Unite!
Location of Union of Communist Republics
Capital Marxtown, 5th International
Largest City #1. Margritte, Junk Soviet
#2. Blanaxon, Blaist Blaland
#3. The Red Apple, Pomegranada
Government Federal One-Party Socialist Republic
Premier mrmarx
CPUCR Chairman ComradeV
Council of People's Commissars Starschwar, Joesph Stalin, Pile Butts
CPUCR Politburo ComradeV, Comrade Sauce, Joesph Stalin, Pile Butts
- Senator mrmarx
Formation 9/8/2008
Allies RED ALERT MDoAP Bloc Red alert flag star edit.webp
  • LSF Flag.jpgLibertarian Socialist Federation
  • ICSN flag.webp Socialist Workers Front

BUTT Treaty Senate Pact(link)

  • Gato flag.jpgGATO
  • Kashmir Flag.jpgKashmir

Military Pact - Level not Disclosed

  • Old Guard flag.webpOld Guard
  • Nordreich flag.pngNordreich


  • RIA flag.webpRandom Insanity Alliance
  • Gato flag.jpgGATO
Total Nations 20
Alliace Strength
- Total NS
- Average NS
Dec. 2021 estimate

The Union of Communist Republics (UCR) is a Brown team alliance built upon the principles of communism in its various forms and the peaceful spread of communism and socialism throughout all of Cybernations.

The Union of Communist Republics also advocates freedom from oppression from those alliances and nations whom only seek to exploit their members and enact repression. Along with these core principles, the UCR also selflessly dedicates its economic and military resources to the defense of unaligned nations from tech raiders, and other imperialist entities.


Early Years 2008-2012

Not much is known of its early history as much of it wasn't documented. The few records that exist show that the alliance had suffered from internal struggles throughout its early years. The UCR was Founded on August 5th 2008, on October 12th, 2008 the alliance entered an MDP called the Union of Communists Treaty with the Union of Democratic Communist States.  Following the April 9, 2008 Founding of the Warsaw Pact by the Socialistic Empire , New Workers Front , and the Union of Democratic Communist States the UCR was not included until December 10th 2008. The UCR was known to have strong ties with the Soviet Union and was a signatory of the 2nd Warsaw Pact with the Soviet union and the Socialist Workers Front.

UCR Great Patriotic War

During the Karma War, the UCR received threats from the imperial government of the New Pacific Order demanding the Union vacate the Red Team. The UCR rejected these demands, and declared war on the NPO. NPO would eventually lose the Karma War, and was unable to enforce its threats against the UCR.

ICB war

(main article: icb war)

The ICB war started when a member of ICB raided a UCR nation. Premier Slonq ordered retaliatory strikes against the raider as standard procedure. Despite ICB’s aggression against the UCR, the ICB government denounced their defensive response as aggressive and demanded reparations. The conflict garnered much interest in the UCR given the unfair circumstances. During the war, the UCR received strong support from the Soviet Union. A white peace was negotiated within days of the outbreak of the conflict.

Coup and Succession

After the war ended, Nikita Gregarin, the alliance founder and former Premier, returned to the AA and staged a coup d'état. These events almost threw the alliance into a total civil war. Comrade Tillistan, supported by the general membership, posted a statement declaring that any civil military action would be met with a unified military response from the general membership. An election was held, and Nikita Gregarin was elected by majority to resume the role of Premier. However, towards the end of January 2010, another coup was attempted, though was ultimately unsuccessful. Despite the coup's failure, a vote of no confidence in the leadership of the Premier and Party Chairman was called, as undemocratic power struggles became a trademark of the early administration.  Both Nikita and Party Chairman Slonq were recalled from their office, leading the former premier to leave the alliance.  

Improving Diplomatic Relations

After the recall vote, former Party Chairman RA2Leader was elected Premier. He directed the UCR’s move to its current forums, leading the alliance to become organized and powerful. It was also around this time that the UCR was invited into the Red Dawn bloc, a Red Team senate treaty designed to bring peace and stability to the sphere. The alliance also helped found the Arizona ODP bloc alongside [The Terran Empire], [Christian Coalition of Countries], [The Shadow Accord], and [Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism].

A maturing Republic 2012-2015

The UCR suffered massive inactivity following the stepping down of Zeroremorse and the subsequent Premier, Gatorback05. ComradeV was appointed in a majority vote by the Commissars to break this deadlock. ComradeV appointed a full government and sought to restore normal diplomatic relations. The UCR withdrew from the Arizona bloc in December 2012 due to a general lack of purpose within the bloc. In the background, however, talks were underway between the UCR, the Libertarian Socialist Federation, and the Socialist Workers Front for a political formation of a new kind.

Die Linke

(main article: Die Linke)

The greatest diplomatic achievement in the cybersocialist movement was revealed in late January of 2013, when Die Linke was finally announced. Die Linke was an MADP-DMT Bloc Between the UCR and the Libertarian Socialist Federation. SWF would later join in March of 2013. Die Linke members were fully united in defense, diplomacy, and membership. The signatory alliances merged their Foreign Affairs Departments into the Die Linke Foreign Affairs Coordinating Committee, which negotiated on behalf of the entire bloc.

War and Peace

The ratification of Die Linke came as LSF joined the Equilibrium war against the ODN and The International. The UCR was therefore obligated to enter the conflict, though its forces had limited involvement in the main conflict.

On November 6th, Die Linke collectively declared war on Kaskus in defense of ally [Shangri-La]. Kaskus had attacked SL due to the latter’s involvement in a wider global conflict.  The war lasted several months and was very hard on the UCR's Middle tier as a result. A white peace was eventually negotiated, ending the hostilities.

Democratic Struggles

Following the end of the Kaskus-SL War, the General Assembly began a push towards a more liberal democratic political system.  Premier ComradeV, seeking to step down, called for an election to appoint a new Premier. The situation deteriorated as factions formed around competing candidates, who began verbally abusing each other. Members of government were accused of using moderation authority to unfairly favor one or another candidate. To prevent the escalation of conflict on the forum, ComradeV Declared Martial Law on January 23rd, dismissing all government officers and suspending the planned elections. The situation settled, and the Premier lifted Martial Law after the constitutionally allotted one week.

In February, a second attempt at elections was called, with the previous candidates ordered to abstain.  Killinginnocent emerged as the only nominee, and was elected Premier on the 28th of February. As a result of the election chaos, the period between late January to March saw a mass exodus of senior members from the alliance (most notable were the former Commissars Mosin Nagant, Sphaleron, Comrade Ronjoy) most of whom left shortly after Martial Law was lifted.  

The Imperialists Strike - Antifascist War of Resistance

(Main article: Antifascist War of Resistance)

In early March, mass spy attacks from an unknown source were reported. Shortly afterward, the Federation of Armed Nations launched a blitz assault against UCR nations.  Still rebuilding from earlier wars and with many of its stronger veteran nations now gone, the UCR found itself in a one-sided beatdown.  FAN posted a declaration of war denouncing the UCR’s ideology, and demanding its total surrender to capitalism. Die Linke ally SWF promptly launched counter attacks against FAN, merely 3 hours after the initial declaration of war. Allies LSF, Old Guard, North Star Federation, and MCXA also entered the conflict to even the playing field, prompting the invaders to seek their own allied assistance.  With the tables turned and the invasion repelled, the now outnumbered FAN and their allies came to the table for peace. FAN gave up their demands and accepted white peace on March 14.

UCR in the Senate

(Main Article: Union for Sphere Stability on Red)

By this point, the UCR and Invicta were the only remaining members of the Red Dawn bloc, which was all but defunct. In July, The UCR, Invicta, and the New Pacific Order announced the Union for Sphere Stability on Red (USSR) treaty. This new Senate Bloc formally superseded Red Dawn, and granted the UCR a senate seat alongside 1 Invicta Senator, and 3 NPO Senators.

Conflict in DL

Although they had forged close bonds in the fires of war, the allies of Die Linke were beginning to fall out. Growing factions emerged between the more autonomous, horizontalist LSF and SWF, and the centralist UCR which grew increasingly resentful of one another’s ideals. After accusations of impropriety levied by both sides, UCR voted to depart from Die Linke on November 20th 2014. The move was controversial due to a developing wartime situation, and many accused the UCR of abandoning its allies in Die Linke. UCR officials denied the allegations and cited differences in foreign affairs as the sole reason behind leaving the bloc.

A world in decline 2015 - 2019

In early 2015, UCR took on the Union of Global Socialist Republics as a protectorate.

In March of 2015 Killinginnocent stepped down as Premier and AkkenNovikov was elected as the new Premier.  Activity remained high for much of the first part of the year. Later in the year, however, a new period of inactivity began, as the previous year’s DL-split left UCR generally isolated in foreign affairs. This also led to another exodus of members, including many former government officials, as many nations worldwide left the game. The UCR struggled to re-establish its independent Foreign Affairs Commissariat, which had previously been merged with the Die Linke collective FA committee. Atlas, an ally of Die Linke, agreed to continue recognizing an individual treaty with the UCR. The next year, Invicta moved to the Purple Team and withdrew from the USSR treaty. Rather than renegotiating the treaty, NPO dissolved the pact, and usurped the UCR’s seat for its own.

The UCR declines

Due to the decrease in activity and membership, the constitution was amended on February 18, 2016. The Constitutional Reform Package merged the Finance and Census Commissariats into Internal Affairs and Defence, respectively. Elections were then held to fill the government positions left open by the membership decline. Protectorate UGSR merged into the UCR, as it could not attract new members, and former President Haris Puri was elected Internal Affairs Commissar.

On April 4, AkkenNovikov resigned the Premiership, and announced he would also be leaving the game. On April 20, longtime member cheezy was elected as Premier. Cheezy began his term planning to pick UCR up on its feet, and reverse the damage of inactivity. Activity rose slightly with the implementation of monthly roll calls by Defence Commissar mrmarx, however membership still steadily declined.

Old Friends Re-united

During the middle of 2016, spy attacks from an unknown source were reported among members. It was believed that the attacks came from the rogue alliance The Final Countdown, which at the time was engaged in wars and spy attacks on several alliances, including LSF. Cheezy and mrmarx decided to act under the pre-DL treaties with LSF, which were never formally dissolved. UCR nations assisted LSF in their defense and helped eventually defeat the TFC rogues. Due to the limited scope of involvement, the UCR did not take heavy losses, and was quickly able to rebuild.

A new Beginning

In August, cheezy announced he couldn't maintain a level of activity necessary to lead, and that he would be resigning. On October 20, 2016, mrmarx was elected as Premier. Upon his election, mrmarx quickly worked to increase efficiency by appointing new Commissars to fill the empty positions left by inactivity. Activity increased, and regular foreign diplomatic communications resumed. On November 17, UCR and the recently founded Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes (POSSE) signed an ODoAP. Later, after brief negotiations, UCR and LSF upgraded their treaty to M level. The upgrade was officially announced on December 17.

Crisis in POSSE

A new, rapidly growing socialist alliance, POSSE quickly rose to prominence, securing strong treaty ties for itself. Unfortunately for the alliance, founder Alonso Quixano caused a series of crises that almost resulted in war. Although POSSE adhered to a no-raiding policy, Alonso formed a secondary AA, the National Revolutionary Party, as a body within the protectorate. Under the NRP flag, he raided members of We Are Perth Army, and then attempted to call in the forces of POSSE as a whole when they fought back.

In response to his actions, the UCR Government censured Alonso. Peace was quickly arranged, and Alonso was expelled, and newly appointed Foreign Minister Noctis Lucus Caelum emerged as de facto leader. UCR offered large financial relief to POSSE nations that received heavy damage. Shortly thereafter, POSSE reorganized as Aevrum, and the UCR government agreed to continue recognizing its treaty.

New Economic Development

On August 21, Premier mrmarx re-established the Finance Commissariat to better handle the UCR's economy as activity and membership increased. This led to the establishment of the People's Bank of the UCR to manage the distribution of aid and other funds. The government began to plan for the future. The former Premier ComradeV returned from inactivity and was elected to the Foreign Affairs Commissariat. In September, he negotiated an ODoAP with GATO, a move hailed by the Premier as forming closer relationships with old friends.

Reform - A new Constitutional Era

In October, mrmarx and ComradeV drafted the Grand Constitutional Reform Package of 2017. The new version of the Constitution would re-estabish the Communist Party of the UCR, with a legislative Politburo led by the Chairman. It also included various other changes, such as formalizing the Finance Commissariat and the consolidation of executive power in the office of the Premier. The Package was ratified on November 7, and the 1st Politburo was elected shortly afterwards. The first act of the Politburo was electing ComradeV as Party Chairman.

In December 2017, members and government officials of the Royal House of Aevrum (a split from UCR ally Aevrum) went rogue and attacked Nordreich. Their King was unable to take responsibility, allowing (and openly encouraging) the rogue attacks, and rejecting offers of peace, prompting the UCR to dissolve all relations.  The original Aevrum would merge into FTW, dissolving the last Aevrum treaty with UCR.

Crime and intrigue- the Trial of TheRedSoviet

The beginning of 2018 saw brief military conflicts with NpO, resulting from the actions of TheRedSoviet. On November 12, 2017, Foreign Affairs Commissar The RedSoviet was removed from office by the order of the Internal Affairs Commissariat for neglect of duty and “not representing the UCR in the best light possible”. This was an official reprimand for a series of breaches in protocol and abuse of office. After a month of forced leave, the Politburo allowed him to return to the office of Commissar. This re-appointment would prove to be short-lived, however, as TheRedSoviet continued his old behaviors. This came to a head when a series of slanders and attacks were made by the Commissar to a leader of the New Polar Order, who attacked UCR nations in retaliation. He was charged with Forwarding information to other alliances, Disobeying a Lawful Order, Desertion in War, and Performing harmful acts to the Union, to which he pled guilty. The Politburo sentenced him to expulsion and a one-year ban. Some months later, TheRedSoviet willingly deleted. It was later revealed that he had been conspiring with Aevrum leader Noctis Lucus Caelum (an alias of Methrage) usurp the governments of the UCR, and other former Die Linke alliances, and form a new alliance with himself as ruler. This revelation harmed relations with LSF and SWF, who were now wary of UCR’s attempts to rekindle Die Linke.

The anti Corporate Struggle

Later in the 2018, unprovoked attacks from Monster's Inc brought the Union to war once more. In a similar manner to TFC, Monster’s Inc. was a rogue alliance on a war path, using their artificially deflated NS levels to trample over nations that could not possibly defend. They moved from target to target, claiming credit for “helping” the alliances they targeted. This eventually led to the Random Insanity Alliance declaring war and ending their campaign. That same year, RIA and UCR would sign an ODoAP treaty.

The Belt and Road

This year saw the development of economic growth plans under Finance Commissar Pomegranate. During this time, he sought to improve trade efficiency and expand friendly relations with other alliances. The UCR Belt and Road Network, developed by Pomegranate, created a new network for mutually beneficial tech trade between nations across the globe. The BNR makes use of centralized bulletins, price controls, and single points of contact to simplify the trading process, and to foster closer relations between nations. Following this spirit, the Communist Party voted to direct a migration to the Maroon Sphere, home of new allies in RIA. NPO showed no intentions of cooperation in the Red Senate after the usurpation of the UCR’s seat.

Throughout the first half of 2019, the Belt and Road Network expanded, and the UCR deepened its ties with friends and allies. Newly appointed Lieutenant Starschwar began assisting Pomegranate, who was now serving as a dual Commissar overseeing Finance and Internal Affairs, as well as maintaining the belt and road network. Although the economy was stable, this was mostly due to a high turnover in new membership.

A UCR Rennaissance 2020 - Present

A new United Front

In early January 2020, Fadeev, then leader of the Socialist Workers Front, went inactive, causing the dissolution of the alliance. In February, Lev Trotsky reorganized the alliance with the few remaining members, and began to re-establish the Federation’s foreign ties. This would spark diplomatic discussions between SWF, UCR, and LSF on the formation of a new socialist military bloc. COMECON, a newer alliance that had proven to be capable and dependable, was also invited to the talks, which now encompassed the only remaining socialist alliances. Negotiations were interrupted when forces from COBRA launched raids against SWF. The UCR diplomatically intervened, but COBRA remained belligerent, and accused SWF of escalation for daring to defend itself. UCR leaders have repeatedly pointed out the hypocrisy of raiders hiding behind diplomatic conventions when their targets mount a successful defense. COBRA would later falsely claim that their raids were actually beneficial and benevolent, claiming that it prompted the socialist community to band together. In reality though, negotiations had long been underway at the time of the assault, and thus had to be delayed until a peaceful settlement was reaeched. Such a settlement was eventually arranged, and the imperialists ran off to find new targets. With war avoided, the treaty negotiations resumed, and a final draft was ready for ratification. On May 18, 2020, the RED ALERT bloc was announced to the world, and the socialist movement was once again united under a common banner.

Senate Seat Restored

In early 2021, the UCR was presented with the opportunity it had been working towards for almost half a decade. The Imperial Entente was making preparations to depart the brown team, and their senate seat by extension. As longtime economic partners of the Union, The Entente offered their blessing for the UCR to take its seat. With the support of allies in GATO, a Senate treaty was successfully negotiated with seat holders COBRA and Kashmir. For the first time since NPO stole their seat, the UCR had a senator to represent its interests. On April 30, 2021, the Brown Unity and Trade Treaty was announced, and Premier MrMarx was elected Senator in the next election cycle.

A Move to Standardize

2021 was also among the most active for the Communist Party. In July, the Party passed an Elections Code into law to finally standardize the procedures for votes in the Union. Although voting conventions had long been accepted as standard, MrMarx believed that the ad hoc nature of election management led to political stagnation that harmed the Party’s ability to function.

The Party would also set forth a new foreign policy for the Union with the Anti Imperialism declaration. This Declaration called for the creation of an Anti Imperialist Peoples Volunteer Army to uphold the right of nations to self determination, and to offer its services in the defense of freedom and independence against raiders and imperialists. The right of self determination is a simple demand, but it is not one the imperialists are willing to accept. On Oct 13, rogue alliance Doom Wolves launched coordinated assaults against a group of 5 unaligned nations. Volunteer Army responded to their calls for assistance and deployed a defensive counterassault. In typical fashion, however, the imperialists played the victim card, and accused the UCR of unfair aggression. Doom Wolves secured the assistance of allies Doom Squad and the Dark Templar to aid in their assault. A peaceful settlement would be reached, but at great cost. The UCR government took measures to honor the sacrifices made by its brave soldiers in the name of the liberation of the people. While the imperialists cheered on the deaths of millions, the communist forces held the line. The War to Resist Doom Aggression and Aid the Five Nations had ended, but the propaganda war continued. Imperialist agents infiltrated the Cybernations wiki to portray the UCR aggressors and to cast doubt on the aggressive role played by the Doom Wolf rogues, as well as to downplay the propaganda campaign led by the imperialists.  

Government and Politics

(main article: Government of the Union of Communist Republics, Communist Party of the UCR)

According to the Socialist Constitution, the purpose of the UCR is "to develop friendly relations among nations based on Ideals of Socialism," and "to achieve co-operation of Socialist nations."

To that end, the Union of Communist Republics has a unique government structure based on socialist organizing principles such as democratic centralism, socialist internationalism, anti imperialism, and the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Communist Party and the Central People's Government work together to achieve these goals.

The Communist Party holds legislative authority, and has the power to direct the work of the Central People’s Government. The Party elects a Politburo and a Chairman to accomplish these tasks, with the Politburo acting as an upper house, and serving the role of the Union’s judiciary. The Chairman serves as the Premier's deputy, and ensures that directives of the Party and State are carried out by government.  The Premier is the head of of State, and manages the policy formulation of the Union and oversees government work.

International Relations

Treaty Signatories Treaty Type Announcement Date Notes
Old Guard - UCR Military Treaty (Level not disclosed) July 14, 2013
Libertarian Socialist Federation - UCR MDP December 17, 2016 Treaty upgraded from ODP
GATO - UCR ODoAP October 18, 2017 The Chairman Meow Accords
Nordreich - UCR Military Treaty (Level not disclosed)
  • LSF
  • SWF
  • UCR
MDOAP Bloc May 18, 2020 Responsibly Ensuring Defensiveness and Amicable Leadership in Economic Relations Treaty (RED ALERT)


  • GATO
  • Kashmir
  • UCR
  • ~~COBRA~~
Team Senate Pact / Trade treaty April 30, 2021 Brown Unity and Trade Treaty (BUTT)